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After Market Truck, Bus, and Motor Home Wheels

Steering Column Adaptor Hub Support

We try to maintain an up to date accurate truck and bus application chart that is linked to the aftermarket wheels product page. However, if you have difficulty determining the correct suffix code to apply to the wheel you've chosen please call us at (847) 395-7250 8-5 CST.

Electrical Component Support

The pictures below represent the most common VIP SmartWheel implementations used over the years. If there is a discrepancy between the wheel photo and the number on the controller – the controller determines which troubleshooting guide to use.

There are other combinations of wheels and controllers that have been used on limited applications so if you don’t see a controller number that matches the one in your vehicle, use our contact page to let us know the make and year of your vehicle and the chassis (i.e. a 1947 Supercoach on a Roadkill chassis) and we will try to help determine which application matches yours.

Please remember that any wiring diagrams provided here are only one way of implementing the system on a given vehicle. What was done by the builder of your vehicle/chassis may vary considerably from what is shown. Always consult your builder’s information first. VIP cannot accept any responsibility for reliance on the following data but it is hoped that at a minimum it can help provide you with an understanding of how the system is supposed to function to aid in troubleshooting.

Working on the steering and/or electrical system of a vehicle can be hazardous to yourself and others and should only be performed by a properly qualified technician.


  • BK series wheels were never backlit.
  • The BK series of wheels has been out of production since 1996 and parts availability is limited.
  • There is a non-backlit variation of the PC series wheel that can be used to replace most BK series wheels.
  • Some PC series wheels were designed to be backlit, some were not. A non-backlit wheel cannot be converted to backlit – both the steering column and the wheel would have to be replaced. (The limitation is in the older columns.)
  • The trim level of the wheel (urethane, leather, wood-leather) is independent of the electronics. It is relatively easy to upgrade a leather wheel to wood-leather wheel in the same wheel series. See your servicing dealer.
  • The SM209 controller has been superseded by the SM210 controller. Any revision SM210 can be used to replace an SM209. They are plug compatible and no changes are required to make the substitution.
  • Our customer service is unmatched. We can help find the custom parts you need when you need them. Send us a message on our contact page.



VIP44 Series SM213
V44 Series SM213
(First used in 2009)
Trouble Shoot


V4 Series SM211
V4 Series SM211
(First used in 2005)
Trouble Shoot


PC Series SM209 or SM210
PC Series SM209 or SM210
(First used in 1997)
Trouble Shoot


BK Series SM203 or SM206
BK Series SM203 or SM206

(First used in 1994)
Trouble Shoot



Used With BK Series 
PC Series


Wiring Diagram

Our customer service is unmatched. We can help find the custom parts you need when you need them. Send us a message on our contact page.